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Just A Catholic Dad

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Feb 7, 2012

Some hair-raising exploits at the McCarney house, drain problems, and how do you come back to the church if you feel like an outsider?

This week’s 60 Second Saint is Saint Katherine Drexel sent in by Caily.


The Art of Manliness:


Two Hearts Campaign:

Vanier Centre for Women 
Box 1040 
655  Martin Street 
Milton, ON 
Attention: Linda Gibbons 

Literal or Literalist Interpretation?


Tristan’s Resources:

Scott Hahn: Reasons to Believe: 5 Ways to Know God (St. Thomas Aquinas); : A Practical Man's Proof of God; Catholic Stuff You Should Know Podcast : “Are The Gospels Historically Credible? - I mean... I know YOU think so... but just in case you didn’t...” /  “Creation and Evolution - Seven Yoms Never Sounded So Good”  / How Transubstantiation Works; Peter Kreeft: Arguments for God's Existence; John Martignoni: Catholics and the Bible: Senses of Scripture (Reading Literally vs. Literalistically); Brant Pitre: Jewish Roots of the Eucharist; Scott Hahn: The Lambs Supper; Tim Gray; The Historical Jesus: Can We Trust the Gospels?


Joseph Reninger’s Blog:


Anonymous Father’s Day Trailer:


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