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Just A Catholic Dad

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Oct 18, 2011

ANOTHER cold, Caitie has a shocking experience and Sean gets caught by the candles.

This week’s 60 Second Saint is Brother André Bessette, with thanks to Kathie and Brigid Hogan.


End Music "Forty (2009 Version)", by George Vinson, available...

Oct 12, 2011

Harvest Festival, new iPad and unexpected competition at the swimming pool. Also, I need help with a little bit of theology!!

This week’s 60 Second Saint is Saint Crainnach


Joseph Reninger’s Blogs:

Catholic Stuff Podcast:

Oct 5, 2011

Sean learns about the Mass and Caitie learns that you don't need to go to church to know how to share.

This week's 60 Second Saint is St Gerard, Abbott.

Fr John Edwards SJ:  Before ordination as a Jesuit priest, Fr Edwards served in the Royal Navy for ten years and saw action in the Korean War.  As a priest,...