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Just A Catholic Dad

Welcome to Just A Catholic Dad...

Jun 30, 2011

Pre-school Sports Day, pool cats, First Holy Communion and Olympics Airspace; and I need to give the Bishops a break.

60 Second Saint - St Cecilia, kindly supplied by Stephanie Weak. Stephanie is co-host of TV Rewind podcast;

News from The Catholic Herald (, the...

Jun 23, 2011

Caitie is a winner, fun with Chris and Pui, manhood in crisis and feedback on pets, fish (not pet fish), praying and change.


"Responding to the Crisis of Fatherhood", by Fr Roger Landry

"Insidious Threat to Sense of Fatherhood", by Cardinal Josef Ratzinger

Jun 16, 2011

In this episode, an update on the move to Wales, Caitie tells Mummy about Jesus and sings a lullaby and a dissenting voice against the changes to the Mass.

Today’s 60 Second Saint is St Anthony of Padua.

End Music ‘Lay Down My Life, by Darrell Smith, available from Music Alley